Sattler SUN-TEX
Sun protection fabrics from the house of Sattler SUN-TEX have met highest demands since 1875. The high-quality materials used at the production sites in Thondorf and Rudersdorf in the production of awning fabrics are uniquely ‘Made in Austria’.

The most modern production techniques...

...with different types of fibers and the most diverse kind of weaves. If required, we additionally apply a special finishing.

Delivery reliability and top quality

…makes us to who we are – Quality leader for technical textiles!

Protect values, create atmosphere
and this all with a highTEX Quality!

Besides the demand to develop perfect fabrics for outdoor use and for new applications, our aim is clearly to manufacture products in a sustainable way and to use available resources wisely.

Textiles made by Sattler SUN-TEX are used in all areas where the best outdoor fibers with long lasting properties are required. Spun-dyed acrylic means that pigments are embedded in the fiber during the beginning of the production process. 

In our SOLUTION-TEX business unit, we develop and manufacture uncoated textiles from materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, polyamide and polypropylene for different technical applications.

Textiles made by Sattler SUN-TEX are utilized as sunshade, for privacy and anti-glare protection and for umbrellas.Our fabrics can also be used for marine applications. Be it summer or winter covers, our fabrics meet the most demanding requirements of our branch.
Furthermore, Sattler SUN-TEX offers a wide range for the upholstery and casual furniture industry with the most attractive designs.

 Moreover, our assortment includes qualities with special properties like flame retardancy, outstanding water repellency among other special features.
Our goal is to ensure the highest quality and most modern standards for our customers. Therefore, certification according to the quality standard ISO 9001 and to the environment management standard ISO 14001 are a must for us.

Management Team

SUN-TEX GmbH Managing Board:

  • Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl, Chairman of the Managing Board at Sattler AG
  • Manfred Heissenberger, Managing Director Sales & Marketing
    Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH
  • Ibrahim Türköz, Managing Director Production and R&D
    Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH


Design | Research & Development | Know How & Innovation


Our own designers continuously observe current developments, partially based on regional influences and partially on the demands of the latest architectural trends, to implement these into our designs. Through our collections, we set standards that highlight our leading position on the market.

Research & Development

The main focus of our research is the development of new and improvement of existing products. Usage and functionality are always at the forefront, when determining the properties of products that are aimed at offering the best benefits to manufacturers and users. The SATTLER Group has built up a solid network of development partnerships over the past few decades, whose co-operative engagement leads to fast- and practice-based results.

Know-how & Innovation

We continuously develop our extensive portfolio of our innovation projects which includes: new products, new product properties, new manufacturing technologies, business processes, fabric design, design of membrane structures and communication technologies among others.

Weaving facilities | Finishing | Quality

Weaving facilities

Our highly cutting-edge weaving facilities are the starting point of our value chain. Our highly skilled staff continuously manufactures products of outstanding quality.


Our highly cutting-edge weaving facilities are the starting point of our value chain. Our highly skilled staff continuously manufactures products of outstanding quality.


thinking highTEX encompasses an uncompromising dedication towards top performances for products and services. We regard the annual external audits, that abide to ISO norms, as an invaluable source and inspiration for the improvement of our management system, as well as the securing of our leading market position.

Environmental awareness | Customers’ proximity | Delivery reliability

Environmental awareness

The development of environmentally compatible work processes has long been an integral part of our strategy.

Our responsibility towards the environment is underpinned by the application of environmental management according to the ISO 14001 standard.


Customers’ proximity

We provide customer service and acquire new customers through our local sales staff.

Delivery reliability

We are proud of our ability to nearly always meet our delivery deadlines worldwide. At Sattler, logistics end with the transport but they begin much earlier with good planning.

Corporate structure

Managing directors: Manfred Heissenberger, Ibrahim Türköz
Responsible Managing Board Member of Sattler AG: Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl
Shareholder: Sattler AG
Company history:

1875 Founded as “August Sattler; Handel mit Gummi & Guttaperchaware”
1912 “August Sattler & Söhne”
1971 Conversion into “Sattler Textilwerke OHG”
1999 Conversion into “Sattler AG”
2015 Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH

Branch Offices: Headquarter in Gössendorf (AT), Rudersdorf (AT), Kassel (DE), Brescia (IT), Savigneux (FR), Hudson (USA), Wittenbach (CH) 


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